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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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some of these are amazing. >> techknow - where technology meets humanity. >> as more european countries tighten controls on the movement of people. >> . >> you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up in the next 30 minutes. dozens of palestinians are injured in a third day of clashes. at the mosque. the bin laden construction group is partly blamed for friday's crane collapse in
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mecca. as saudi arabia cracked down oen the construction group. art and activist collide. a look back at 30 years of the chinese artist. >> in few hours time, austria will be the next cub to introduce tougher border checks. hungary has declared a state of emergency with herb yeah, after it introduced few push measures. the border agency says 156,000 people crossed into europe last month. that brings two half a million the number of people who came to e.u. since the start of this year. this is the scene at the crossing on serbia's border with hungary at the moment.
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where hundred of refugees have gathered. serbia's minister has appealed to hungary to reopen the crossing. al jazeera is at the hungary border he sent us this report. >> it is a state of emergency at this border, hungary has taken the cries entice a new direction. and it makes life even harder for refugees. >> many have found themselves stuck in no man's land, with no way into hungary, and no way back to serbia. >> they don't understand us. i told the army to describe our situation, that is a humanitarian situation, but they don't understand. >> by shutting the main border crossing, into the european union, hungary has provoked outrage from the southern neighbors. but the government here, insists it's new laws are justified. >> those who haven't applied
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on their journey to the border to any kind of asylum, and there's no sign of that and they don't have proof of that. they will be turned back. >> the order of the day is stronger than the order of the law. it is outrageous. what is happening. >> the will not forgive the measures of the hungary government. >> the far right party said the government has done too little too late, one of the leaders spoke at a news conference heckled by two project toasters pop. >> . >> the refugees the other side of the fence, are appealing for water and food. >> the hungarian prime minister believes he is taking the lead, at a time when e.u. members still can't
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reach agreement on share quote teas for settling refugees. and the rift between east and west, in the european union has never been bigger. it is shaking the union to it's very foundations. while leaders are slow in making decisions here is the situation once again the deteriorating quickly. al jazeera. on the hungary-serbia border. >> a group of refugees has been detained for breeching hungary new border fence. the syrians were arrested after finding a hole in the fence and hutting through to the town. they are among 174 people arrest sod far, hub police say that all will face criminal prosecution meanwhile, germany has responded to the influx of migrants by introducing temporary controls on it's border with all via. reports now from the train
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station, where police have been enforcing these new controls. >> refugees race to the train station. desperate to catch a train bound for germany. they were stranded here when effort thats abruptly imposed border controls in the an effort to slow the human flood. >> but at the escalator all treian armed police kept them at bay. people became confused and frustrated. >> police said they were only trying to keep order. but the crowd grew agitated shouting and arguing. a minor scuffle broke out and one man was detained. >> it is a scene of complete chaos here, where refugees are trying to get on the train, but police are blocking the stairways. underneath the station in a parking garage, hundreds of
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refugees most from syria had spent days camped out. with beds and food provided by the austrian authorities.
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they still believe it was an opportunity to pursue that transition. in concert with russian authorities. >> if the west see president asaad as an obstacle in the fight, to pattyn j he is a bull wac against the extremists and is determined to stay in power.
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>> it is the last -- first of all the russian military in the entire region of the middle east. where once russia soviet union were dominant force. and now they are not. they have never won the fight against the fighters. they have the mustle on the ground to base up to the addens haves over the past year. meanwhile, they are now stepping up the supplied. several flights are said to be landing every day. they are now said to be working on extending an air ball, to cope with the increased flow. but there are real fears that the weapons could be used in syria's civil war. that has cost the lives of
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hundreds of thousands of civilians and in the west that is not acceptable in moscow. >> meanwhile, the united states has reiterated it's view that president asaad can't be part of any coalition to fight isil in syria that was said at a state department briefing. roz, obviously, the u.s. is very worried about developments when it comes to increased president's what else was said about that briefing? well, we have learned from the spokesperson that secretary of state did call the russian foreign minister, earlier today. the read out of that call is not yet complete. but they did have a discussion, we are told from a senior administration official primarily about the situation inside syria. and the u.s.' concerns about what russia is isn't doing in that country.
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it is worth pointing out that the u.s. is very much concerned about the presence of the russian military. the u.s. is very concerned about whether this will enhance the ability to stay in power. and that is something which the obama administration opposes. >> obviously the forefront of discussions there, i guess an old worery has popped up again. nuclear program, that was said about that in. >> well, essentially, they are very much concerned about this report. that the nuclear facility is being brought back online. and certainly, that would be many more violations of existing united nations security council resolutions. against north korea enganging
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in anything involving nuclear weaponry. although there is no plan as of right now to ask for an emergency session at the security council on this measure. we should point out that according to media, the special envoy that deals with the talks here in the united states, apparently had a conversation with his russian counter part, we are trying to see if we can get more information about that as well. owner will check in with you in the next few hours. thank you. 36 palestinians have been injured after they stormed the mosque in occupied east jerusalem. it is the third straight day of violence. they now fear that israel wants to change the rules which allow useses to visit, but not to pray there. scott hide her reports.
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>> it began early morning that police wanted to arrest people that it stayed in the mosque overnight. rocks were thrown, stun grenades those inside the mosque built a barricade. it later taught fire but was quickly put out. they said at least two dozen were injured in this confrontation. five were said to have been lightly injured. there what has become a pattern, the clean up afterward and like we see now, relative calm, but beneath that, there is deep underlying tension. >> something that has been banned since the 1967 war, which saw israel capture east jerusalem. they say this would provoke further tension, and violence, in jordan the custodian of the compound has a peace treaty with israel.
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there will be an emergency meeting to discuss the situation, al jazeera, in occupied east jerusalem. >> and this was the scene inside the mosque. you can see piles of broken stone and other debris have been piled up. this as they continue to observe prayers. one activist defended the groups desis. i am here on the ground so i make sure they don't discredit the sangtity. you can see how they storm in, they come here to provoke us and cause sabotage, they hit the women praying here too. >> more to come including. >> in the capitol of chili, one of a hand full of countries in the world, where
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a remind european union of the top stories here. how long gary has declare add state of emergency. in response to the refugee crisis. this is the scene of the crosses at the moment, where
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hubs of refugees have gathered. they closed the border at midnight on monday. 36 palestinians have been injured after the mock was stormed in the occupied east jerusalem. the owners of a crane which collapsed in the saudi holy cities have been banned from taking part in new build projects. members have the group have also been banned from traveling. more than 100 people were killed when the crane collapsed on friday, the saudis blamed strong wins for the accident, they also say the crane was wrongly positioned against the recommendations of the. >>er. it is one of the largest firms in the world with multibillion dollars contracts across the middle east. just how significant is this
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just explain to us i guess the power and the significance of the bin laden construction group? it is very significant, and a big blow for the group, that group was founded in the 1930's. since then, they were involved in megaprojects and infrastructure. including work at the grand mosque, including the new megaplans to develop and expand the grand mosque. it was throughout the years built very strong connections and it has good connections with the close to the government. all of the big work is done by the bin laden group.
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at the cost of at least $7 billion. the work at the grand mosque behind me, it is also estimated to be billions. to a very very big and powerful group, in the kingdom of saudi arabia. >> obviously for the group itself, not being able to get new contracts until the end of the investigation is a blow, but what happened the victims? hundreds were injured what about compensation for them in. >> that's very interesting point. in terms of the saudi government, the saudi king has ordered that the payments of 266,000 u.s. dollars to every victim -- to every dead person will receive that amount. any pill game who was injured or had a up dr.leeing injury will get the same amount. but the more than 200 that were wounded they will get
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around $133,000, be u.s. dollars, each individual who got injured. how, if the company is proven guilty, and there's any court action, maybe the compensation issue could take another aspect. this whole issue of trying to focus on the contracts is very interesting and we have to wait and see to the full and final investigation. omar, thank you. >> let's go to chili now which is considering important to allow abortion in cases of rape. or if the mother's life is in danger. it is one of a hand full that does not allow abortion under any circumstances.
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90-year-old shows us the last photograph ever taken of her mother, when she was 35. it was 1932, she remembers being summons along with her six sibling to her mother's death bed after she had undergone an illegal abortion. >> i still remember her clearly her saying goodbye to all her children. i was seven, she could barely speak because she was hemorrhaging, she was bleeding to death. >> 83 years later grandchild she never knew says nothing has chained. the women in chili still have to resort to illegal and often unsafe abortions. i am one of the prief limbinged ones that could pay in a private clinic, but for those that can't pay, you have to resort to back alley. >> according to official
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figures as many as 70,000 women undergo illegal abortions a year. even though chili is only one of a hand full in the world where abortion under all circumstances is a criminal offense. the legislation is incompatible the image as a modern country. >> illegal abortions the plans infusions which lead to potentially hemorrhages and infections. socialist president is you remembering congress to pass a reform bill that would allow abortion if the mother's life is in danger, if the fetus is unviable, or in the case of rape. all opposed by the catholic church, and even some members of the center left coe lisp p it is not as though the proposed legislation, as the modern or forward thinking.
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it was legal in chili as far back until 1931, until 1981, when the dictatorship changed the constitution to make it illegal. >> turning the clock back to before the total ban was imposed is a positive step. but for her it is not enough. she says nothing short of total freedom on whether or not to have a child would have saved someone like her mother. al jazeera, santiago. >> survivors of wild fires in the northern california have spoken of having to start again from scratch. the village is among the worst effected with around 400 houses reduced to ash. the so called valley fire began on saturday. a new drug free treatment is being developed by researchers in london.
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the team havening maaed to unravel the brain signal which is are believed to cause motion sickness. or science editor explains. >> >> and strapped into a revolving chair, this man is taking part in research focused on motion sickness. we develop add way of using brain stimulation to suppress the signals. so we thought if we could suppress the signals from the inner ear, and this would be highly effective. >> and so it was, the stimulation made those tested less likely to feel queasy, even nauseous, and also recover faster. the levelers say their findings appear to support the theory that motion sickness is caused by a confusion of the senses. >> being on a bicycle, or a motor bike, you go around the corner, you lean into the corner, which eare mains
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upright. you don't do that in a car. you don't do that on a ship, you are struggling to find out what is upright and what is the best way of dealing with it. >> about one in three suffer from severe motion sickness, making the discovery and the team's work to develop a treatment, a matter of wide interests. >> for the very small amount of electricity, there are no reported and wanted adverse side effects. or interactions. so the chances of it become viable, are quite eminent, really. >> they say within ten years they hope to have a divide available that can plug into a phone and attach their scalp. which could make it a thing of the past. al jazeera. >> an exhibition looking back at 30 years of chinese artists has opened at the royal academy of art here in london. and it was personally cure rated by the artist himself.
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it is the u.k.'s most anticipated show of the year, where activism and art collide. the exhibition spans 30 years of the work, includes art installations architecture and something in between. in china he is known as the designer of beijing's birds nest stadium. which he ended up dismissing as a propaganda event. internationally he is seen as an iconickist, above all political. after the chinese government lifted the four year travel ban, the soft spoken artist has been able to personally oversee the shows installation. he also has this message about europe's refugee crisis. >> i have seen countries have to come up with something, decision to help a better way to dealing with the
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situation. >> he has long been a thorn in the side of the chinese government. this piece is made from the rubble of poorly constructed government built schools. destroyed by the 2008 earthquake. thousands of bars have been sorted and straightened ammonium to 5,000 victims many of them children. it's work like this that put him on the chinese government watch list. surveillance is a recurring theme, as too is his time in jail. this work is a sobering account of his 81 days held in a secret chinese prison. monitoring bighearteds 24 hour as day. this work casts a cold and critical eye back at the chinese government. he is probably the most celebrated artiness the word. certainly one of the best known. the stand he has taken politically is very important, and it is linked to the art, but the art is underrated. it is important.
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it needs to speak for itself in term oz what is happening here. >> the show is a reflection of the artistic achieve enter manies. showing a spotlight on the power of art to challenge the authority. al jazeera at london's royal academy of arts. >> much more on that and everything else that we have been covering on our website >> this is "techknow". a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a wildfire. >> we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity, but we're doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science... >> oh! >> oh my god! >> by scientists. >> tonight, techknow investigates shrimp safety. >> seafood by nature is a high risk commodity. >> americans love their shrimp, but most of it comes from countries that use extensive


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